Thứ Bảy, 28 tháng 11, 2015

Alliance Breastfeeding Bra Fitting

I am available for Bra Fittings – personalized service to find the bra that fits you best! There is NO CHARGE !! for this service if you purchase a bra from us or if we don’t have a bra to fit you. Otherwise, the charge is a very minimal $10.

I recently had someone come in and brazenly tell me that after 1/2 hour working to find the right size for them, that they intended to order their bra online as it was cheaper! I really, really, really, really (I mean REALLY) don’t appreciate being used this way. I don’t pay myself a salary working here yet, so it is very upsetting to waste my time in such a fashion and then have my nose rubbed in it (so to speak).So you can thank this person for the fitting fee with no purchase.

This may be exactly what you want if you just want a general size to order online. No appointment is necessary if the store is open and if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes if I am working with another customer. We have one fitting room near the bras and if someone else wants to try a bra on at the same time there is a large bathroom with a mirror they can use. If the store is not open that day, you can call and if I am available, I will meet with you to fit you for a bra.

We specialize in the large size bras – up to 50HI can order bras from Fancee Free up to L cup! We carry Medela Seamless Underwire and Bravado Body Silk Seamless bras, as well as Fancee Free front snap bras. We also carry the Bravado Nursing Tank in B/C, D/E & F/G sizes!

Due to a recent customer who was unhappy with her bra fitting size 1 week after the fitting, we feel the need to make sure you understand that bra sizes change throughout your pregnancy and lactation.

If you get fitted for a bra before delivery or in the first week after delivery, it is very possible for your band size to decrease! We can’t fit you for what you might be in the future. We can only fit you for the size you are on the day you are fitted. You may lose weight (after engorgement subsides, for example) and your bra might then be loose. That is simply a fact of life. It doesn’t mean you were not fitted properly! Bottom line is: if you want a special size and we say you are a different size… get the size you want!!!!!! It doesn’t hurt our feelings. You are responsible for being happy with your purchase!!Our service to you is to give you our recommendations at to what bra fits you well. If you don’t agree, that’s ok! You’re the customer, get the bra you want.

Remember, bras are a personal care item. We can’t accept a return if you’ve worn the bra, even for just a day! And since it’s impossible to tell sometimes if a bra has been worn, our policy is to not accept returns on bras. So make sure you want the bra before you buy it.